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"Ah, you were one of the guys in cryo."

"As a matter of fact I am." Xandros said quietly as he thought about the people that he had known back in his own time. Most of them were most likely dead by now.

"Is there something troubling you? You seem as if there's something on your mind."

"It's nothing." Xandros lied. "I'm just not that used to traveling through hyperspace in a ship like this."

"That may be a good option but I do think we should take it slow and be there should testosterone decide to take over."

"I agree." Alriana said quietly.

"We're almost there. Talk to her through the Force. If you need help, ask."

Hold is coming

They found me! They found me! Came the terrified reply through the force. Alriana could sense something familiar about this was a familiar presence had come in contact with it recently.

"There's something familiar. Someone we know has come in contact with the child recently. I can't place it though..."


"This is Alpha Team and we read you. However our CO is in danger at the moment. Requesting back up from a neighboring unit to attempt rescue."

"This is Belina! We're going to try and dispatch a scout ship down to the planet to assist! Do you require additional ground troops? I repeat do you requir-"

She was about to ask more when the console next to her blew up as a power surge went through it. Belina hit the floor and moaned in pain before she passed out. One side of her face was ripped up and bloody from the shrapnel that had hit her

"Admiral!" Garja's voice echoed through the bridge as he ran to her side. He quickly activated the comlines. "Medical team to the bridge! Now!" Garja ordered.
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