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Vakarr stared at Meara for a few seconds with his arms crossed. Had his helmet been off she would have seen a smirk on his face, for the armored warrior was amused at her response. He was mainly amused at how she feared him the first time he spoke to her and now she had an attitude towards him. He was also curious to this as well. Why had one death threat scared her, yet one accompanied with an insult didn't? Perhaps it was in his tone.

His amusement soon turned into anger as the Dark Elf spoke. He had the nerve to call him a coward? He had just attempted to shoot an unarmed Per'dra, but he was calling Vakarr a coward? Afraid to show his face? No, never...well maybe a little. It was more shame than anything at being half human. However as he spent more time amongst Dark Elves, he felt a growing disgust for him as well. Just as Meara had backed off of him, he did the same to the Dark Elf and let the comment slide.

His anger soon turned into genuine sadness as he heard Emi. He listened to her protest against the violence that had occurred and a desire for peace. He partially agreed with that, as he had come to like violence a little. He wanted peace though as well...just under his rule. His usual thoughts of power were pushed away as Emi continued her small speech. The next word only made him sadder, and soon he began to feel pity as well. She looked so helpless on her knees, he wanted to kneel down and comfort her. Comfort? Another being? Had the thought actually entered his head?

His sadness and slight confusion turned into something he hadn't felt in quite some time...genuine happiness. Not his usual happy over defeating someone, or doing something great. No, this was the type of happy he felt when he was little. When he had no clue of the world he lived on. Emi had not only remembered what he had told her at the bar, but was intending on sticking with it. In all his years of life, not once had anyone stood up for him. He didn't understand why he didn't feel insulted by this action. He knew he could fight this archer, yet she still spoke up. felt nice.

His armored hand slowly reached out to meet her shoulder. He placed it on the shoulder of the arm she gave him back at the bar, not the one she took away at first. Just as she remembered her promise, he remembered how she was hesitant about which arm to give him. He was curious as to why, but now wasn't the time for that. Besides, this was about respecting her as much as she was respecting him. Despite the gloves less than comforting touch, he did so as gently as he could.

"Emi, its just a duel...I'll be alright," Vakarr said in a soft tone that almost surprised him. "Thank you though," he added in.

Vakarr looked to the Dark Elf, glad he had requested this duel. Now they had a way into the city, as Vakarr was quite confident he could win this duel. His arrogance might be playing a role in this, but his brain was as well. Given his body shape, the elf saw him as the large swing sword until enemy dies type of fighter. Vakarr was a strategist though, and he wouldn't do something so stupid as that...or perhaps he would. Perhaps he would play the part, than catch his opponent off guard.

"I accept your challenge. I will enjoy this," Vakarr said.
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