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Originally Posted by DarthJango/Weasley View Post
PS: How does the boolean script work. i want it to check if you havn't said something, and if you havn't get the option to the dialouge entry I want said only once. Will it do that?
No, that would just set it so you haven't talked to the NPC, even when you have (at least, I think it should do that). If you want to check whether you have talked to an NPC yet, you need a conditional script... they work very differently. But fortunately you don't need to write your own, because the game already has one, k_con_talkedto in K1 and c_talkedto in K2. It will return true if you've never talked to the NPC before.

You need to put the script as a conditional script in the dialogue ("script that determines availability" or some such in K1, "Conditional #1" or "Conditional #2" in K2). If the script returns true, the node will be used. Make sure this node is the highest node in the dialogue file so that the game knows to check it first. I think there are more in depth tutorials here, too.

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