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Alright I’ve gotten so bored with dailies I’ve started using different combinations of companions just to change things up.

As a healer, what I was told is that I’m better off sticking with a tank as my companion… This served me well through the entire game, but I wanted to just try different combinations for two reason 1). Killing the same thing the same way got boring, 2). My two tanks are maxed out in affections for my toon (who wouldn’t be).

First if you are a healer, the best combination to do in dailies is to take Lynk with you. I’m sure any 2nd person would do, but Lynk is the one I run around most with during dailies.

I also have done the healer/healer companion for dailies. This one has worked really well. Just takes awhile longer to finish the dailies, but not much longer that doing them with a tank.

The combination that I have found to be the best, next to having Lynk with me, is DPS and my healer. About the only thing that gives me trouble in dailies anymore are these strong sith and their spamming lightning , one isn’t a problem, but if I get two on my butt at once then I’m usually toast. With the DPS companion that did not present a problem this morning. I ordered her to attack one while I interrupted the other to finish off the regular mob, then I used a flash grenade to heal my DPS companion and then we finished off both. I finished dailies about 45 mins faster than normal with the combination. Only have finished twice faster than today and that was in a group with Mav, Jeff and Lynk and when I have done them all with Lynk. Also happy to report neither my companion nor my healer died in this experiment.

So the moral of this story is don’t listen to everyone else telling you what will work best, experiment and see what works best for your playing style.
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