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Originally Posted by MrObiWan View Post

What class are you? Your main player I mean.
Not really sure I have one I can call a main, I play whatever is needed for what is on the guild's schedule or I work on leveling my next char

My first 2 level 50s are (in order of when they were created & gear score):
Smuggler / Gunslinger / Saboteur
Smuggler / Scoundrel / Sawbones

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
I really like them now that I have gotten use to them. Only wish I could make them even bigger and move around or delete the characters within them. I really don't need a frame for my character. And I would like to put the softer characters at the top.
Not sure about party but you can with Operations. Just right click the little icon that looks like 4 stick figures and select "unlock," that will then show you 6 boxes of 4. I keep mine set as two rows of 3, and out operation leaders almost always set it up by classification, tanks in the left column, dps in the center, and healers on the right
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