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Ebon Hawk

"There's something familiar. Someone we know has come in contact with the child recently. I can't place it though..."

Kalla thought about this for a moment, and then said to her brother, "Be ready to scan for other ships once we're out of Hyperspace. If anyone's beaten us to her, I doubt they're on our side."


"This is Alpha Team and we read you. However our CO is in danger at the moment. Requesting back up from a neighboring unit to attempt rescue."

"Understood. We're on our way." Komad sent back. He and Master Skywalker were able to cut down most of the Sith troopers blocking their path to Alpha Team, and the rest were of little consequence. Once they arrived, Kol asked Tara, "How many of our people are unaccounted for?"

As soon as Tywin made it to Tavaryn, he began lifting rocks off of him, while Quinlan provided cover for.

"Will you need help getting back to the ATT?" Tywin asked.

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