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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
On the subject of tanks, what is the deal with Assassin/Shadow tanks? Do they have some sort of equivalent to forms? Or do they just spec into passive tanking talents in their appropriate tree?
I've looked at TOR head, and nothing to the best I can tell, just double bladed lightsaber proficiency. FWIW it (double bladed) has been considered something a form all its own, morethan just variant. Though it may not qualify as a "form" per se in terms of game mechanics or stance in TOR.

Bummer, because that might be interesting to see Assassins using lightsaber forms like sith warriors, and more than just Shii-Cho. Ataru at a bare minimum, though Darth Maul supposedly used Juyo in EU lore, but according to Lynk's posti n a different thread about Ataru, it seems to behave similarly to Juyo of TSL (kill as fast as possible), where Juyo in this game behaves more like a cross between Niman and Makashi of TSL (hard hitting effects but doing damage over time overwhelming enemies).
As best I can tell from descriptions and accounts of gameplay.

There looks like plenty of nasty attacks, but I would have thought a berserk flurry might have made an appearance.

Shien...doesn't seem to be anything like in TSL at all, and I can't tell much about Soresu or Shii-Cho.

In TSL they were buffers and were not necessarily essential (I have seen vids where players ignore them and leave it on shii-cho all the time). How crucial to gameplay are they now?

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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