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((OOC: Not my best, but whatever. I'm tired! ))

Even before the duel was over, Tael was already gone. The bickering between them had caused Tael to simply walk away and clear his head. He wanted to comfort Emi - but he knew that he shouldn't. As the archers were too focused on watching the duel, Tael had disappeared unnoticed. He walked until he saw a lake - the blue waters reflecting the orange-yellow glow of the sun. He laid down, the grass cool and green. Never had he felt such peace and serenity in his life - and he simply wanted to remain here, untouched, undisturbed.

Still, he felt guilty with abandoning them. Well, he didn't abandon then per se. He was only one man. Would one man really make a difference? Traveling with a band of misfits who have tensions between one another? He never thought like this before - but he doesn't know if traveling with them is the best course of action to take.

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