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Knowing Traya as the diabolical witch she is, I'd say that she would have ended up in succeeding in her attempt to obliterate the Jedi and Sith orders, which I'm assuming is all she thought about when she was talking about the Force because they are the most prevalent Force Users.

Whether or not she'd have actually been successful in killing the Force is another matter. However, if Traya had killed Meetra then she would have had several Jedi trained by the Exile herself, which would have left echoes of her existence in them. That would mean that it's possible she wouldn't have needed Meetra to complete her endeavor. If it were actually possible to kill the Force, then maybe she could have just used the Lost Jedi to end the Force.

However killing the Force would have had repercussions that she herself probably wouldn't have been able to live with. She had the Force stripped from her once and it would seem that she barely survived the encounter, would she have survived it a second time, when all the midiclorians in her body actually were destroyed with the death of the Force? Possible, but highly unlikely. Look at Nihilus' destruction of Katarr, he devoured the Force on the planet and killed every living creature on the planet (save for Visas, whom I believe ended up becoming a wound in the Force as well).

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