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Greetings, meatba......I mean, hello there. Today is an exciting day. There is a small update to report, as well as some other exciting stuff. But, first...

Team Member Recruitment
Can I stress enough how things go faster when multiple people are working together? Having said that, I am still looking for modders to help make this mod. Especially since a couple of the planets require modeling to even be possible. The following list contains specific areas of modding (not limited, though, to these specific areas) that I am looking for in team members:
  • Modeling (Custom Modules, NPCs, etc)
  • Skinning (NPCs, planets, etc.)
  • Dialog Writing
  • Side Quest Ideas

With that out of the way, it is time for an update: Firstly, for those who are unaware, I am writing an extended backstory for Kira Sadow called A Debt Unpaid (see the link in my signature.) It is intended as a treat while Echo of the Force is still in production; And, its story will end close to where EotF's storyline begins. Secondly, the other day, I made and have in-game a head skin for the party member Subal Mahkon (who was only mentioned for the first time a few posts ago.) I don't have custom clothes for him yet, but I thought to at least get his head done

Show spoiler

Well, today officially ended the party member contest!! Thank you to all who sent in an entry. It was definitely a tough decision...But since the contest ended, it had to be done.

Without further ado, the winner...s are:
  • christos200's male Human, Xin
  • Warlord664's male Rodian, Saverak Vornskar

Congratultations, you two!! And, I'd also like to thank all those who submitted an entry.

On that exciting note, I have yet more exciting news: I have acquired a new domain name for my modding site; What is more news is that I have started construction on it. Eventually, it will eventually have a dedicated section for Echo of the Force. Until then, I would like your opinion on the site's setup. To find out about and/or download my mods, would you prefer like to have/be:
  1. Blog entries with screenshots, download links, etc. (Using Wordpress)
  2. Blog entry about the mod, but separate page with the screenshots, download links, etc. (Wordpress for blog entry, separate page for mod)
  3. Other (specify in your post.)

More Coming Soon...

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