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Originally Posted by Pho3nix View Post
So yeah, a few questions:

1. Is weapon training any essential part of the game or are you just supposed to use your default from when you choose your specialization? just wondering if I'm gonna use the same type of minigun as a Commando all the way to 50.

2. Companion skills, I've noticed that there's no option to train new spells for them - so do they just "update" automatically when I level?
1. You can use the same type, or even the same one if it is slotted and can be upgraded. Just be sure to keep it up to date. I'm still using the same blaster pistol I received in the middle of the game, only updated with level 50 mods.

2. The missions are automatic, but you will also find more in chest that are one time use only. You can also buy them on the network. You can also find schematics or buy them off the network. Also check with crew skill trainer once in awhile as you progress they offer more training (at least in biochem they did).
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