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"So what your saying is that if we run into those two I'm supposed to run? C'mon Onii-san thats not fair! I want a chance at them! And bsides, they managed to beat you pretty badly the last few times you fought them on your own."

Kai sighed as he repeated what he had said a few moments ago. "Hizuni...those two are strong enough to beat me even when I activate my advanced form. Your going to need a lot more training before I even think about letting you fight them when we next encounter them. If you run into them then you need to run as fast as you can."

Hizuni muttered something under her breath. She was about to reply when a sudden smile appeared on Kai's face as he looked across the yard of the Division 9 building. Hizuni was puzzled for a moment and then she saw who Kai was looking at.

"Ohh...Onii-san's girlfriend is back..." She said slyly. Kai looked down at her and frowned but Hizuni simply continued smiling.

"Don't start with that again."

"It's not like it isn't true. I've seen the way you look at her onii-san, you really like her."

Kai didn't reply to that and for a moment Hizuni thought she had crossed a line. I don't know what my feelings are right now...he thought sadly. "Lets just go over and say hello." Kai said quietly as the two began walking over towards Shana and Terranova.

I can't believe it's been two months...Kai thought.
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