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Hmm. I've found ActionMoveToObject to be unreliable. ActionForceMoveToObject very rarely fails me, however. (Again, that's probably why it exists in the first place.)
// 383: Force the action subject to move to oMoveTo.
void ActionForceMoveToObject(object oMoveTo, int bRun=FALSE, float fRange=1.0f, float fTimeout=30.0f);
The variables are basically the same except there's a float at the end... I believe that's how long it will try before giving up.
Originally Posted by Ferc Kast View Post
Somehow, the selection GUI still didn't show up, after changing those trees to the simply command. Though, when I checked afterwards, the party member is recruited & able to be chosen for the player's current party.
Yeah, as I said I'd need to see the whole thing to be sure. It sounds like some other part of the script is interfering with this particular function.

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