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Xi Ming walked through the Division 9 building. Two months later, and he was eager to get into combat. Admittedly, he was also looking forward to seeing his old squadmates again, though he would never say that out loud. As he walked through the yard of the building, he couldn't help but feel a little out of place. It was probably the trench coat; Ming felt as if it made him look like a tall shadow walking about, or more properly, a tall shadow with a straw hat.

As he continued to walk, he noticed two women walking in. One was undoubtedly Shana; the other was Captain Terranova. He also noticed a dark haired man walking towards Shana; no doubt that had to be Kai. Ming would recognize all of them from a mile away. He decided to walk up to where Shana and the Captain were; he figured that Kai would probably get to them at roughly the same time he would.

"Captain Terranova,'s, uh, good to see you guys again." Ming said when he came up to both. He felt a little awkward in being so abrupt, but he was excited to know he would be reunited with old friends.

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