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Ilya and Shana smiled as they were finally reunited with Kai, Hizuni, Ping and Hank. Ilya was the one who spoke first as she surely noted how Shana suddenly got a bit nervous since she saw Kai come into view.

"It's been a long time guys", Ilya said and then noticed Tai come along. "Tai, have you met these guys?", she said motioning Tai to meet the others. "Tai, these are the original members of Division 9. Kai, Ming, Hank, my sister Shana and Hizuni".

Shana moved a bit closer to where Hizuni and Kai were and she merely smiled at both of them.

"Hi Hizuni, and hi Kai", Shana said and noticed how Ilya forgot to introduce Pandora, the doll sized woman on her shoulder. "One-chan, you forgot to introduce Pandora, she's a full member of division 9 now".

"How do you do?", Pandora said with a small curtsey.

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