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"You made a new friend."

A small grin appeared on Kai's face as he heard Hank's voice and felt the arm across his shoulder.

"Hank!" Hizuni said in delight as she saw him. "Onii-san told me you might be coming back!"

Kai rolled his eyes. "Sometimes with a friend like Hizuni you don't need enemies." Kai said as Hizuni attempted to elbow him in the ribs. And yes...I've told Hizuni a few stories about you. It's good to see you again Hank. How have you been?"

"Hi Hizuni, and hi Kai"

"Hello Shana!" Hizuni said happily as she ran over and hugged Shana. "It's been a while since me and Onii-san saw you!" Hizuni looked over at Kai slyly and saw him shaking his head.

"Hello Shana..." Kai said quietly. "It's...well it's been awhile. How was your trip to the testing facility?"
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