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Originally Posted by CrisG View Post

This is a historic time ...esp for a long time follower of the SW series and I decided to invest in that history, which may mean a few more ramen dinners..but it is worth it.... The Collectors Box
I opted to get it by about my birthday last year, maybe a little later. I put aside the $150 until Dec 20th last year, put in the preorder and waited.

It's going to be the last game I really get for the foreseeable future. I have a whole bunch of other things going on and I need a new machine to be able to play it anyways.

Now i have to figure how to get it open...
Just make sure you put it all back correctly or the top and bottom halves of the box will be mismatched.

brevity (installation and registration issues)
Wish I could help you here. I'll just say this much, I have mine but have not registered it yet because there is no real reason for me to do so.

it is a very nice package...and about the size of my first Apple computer

pretty exciting.
I remember the apple 2 and the first macintosh. I agree about the size.

Glad you're psyched.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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