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Vakarr nodded his head at Per'dra seeing that they were thinking the same thing. Her next words came as somewhat of a surprise to him. He hadn't expected congratulations from her...especially after their little argument. Then again both were stressed out from what was happening around them. He wondered if she too thought he was a simple brute with a sword as he did. That had been the dark elf's undoing, and Vakarr baited him with it. He gave a second nod to her in thanks, as he prepared to unsheathe his sword again.

He hadn't expected one of the dark elves to appear however. He listened to the elf's words, but wasn't sure how he felt. A ferry was one thing, but a horse? Chances were his horse wouldn't go as fast as the others given his heavier armor. He was certain he'd be able to get to their destination though. Still...he felt something wasn't right, then he remembered what he told Emi at the bar. He asked for her protection which she took very seriously...what if she tried to go back.

"Emi," Vakarr said approaching her. "I feel my armor will slow my horse down slightly. I'm certain I'll be fine, but if something is to happen...don't go back for me, keep yourself safe. At that point I'll hold them off as best as I can, if something like that were to happen...and be careful," he added onto the end after a few seconds.
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