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TOR ate my KotOR
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As one MMO noob to another, you may want to rethink the Tank if you don't want that much responsibility. Tanks and Healers take all the blame when everything and anything goes wrong in groups. IMO Tank is the most important group member. While the healer needs to keep everyone alive, the Tank has to keep the healer alive by keeping the arrgo on them and off the healer. Which is easier said than done if the healer is having to throw out a lot of big heals to keep the group alive. DPS have an important job, they do the killing, but I haven't seen people blame them for not killing fast enough. No when things go wrong the Tanks and Healers take the blame.

Of course in the case of my healer it is justified. , but I find it more fun to blame Lynk's Tank.

Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
As for role what does DPS mean?
Damage per second - kills stuff fast.

Tanks and Healers can kill too, just not fast.

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