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Bad Idea: IIRC the wardrobe fell over and squished somebody...or so is the impression I got from gmod idiot box.

A hated cousin...
-dude has 4 sisters and all of them have a scar in the same place on same eyebrow from him getting pissed off and hitting them at one point
-dude always does something to get younger family members to hurt themselves for his amusement
-dude is not sorry and "doesn't have attitude", it's just your problem
-dude is 6'0" tall, 245 lbs, worked construction all his life, mid 40s, massive thick arms
-dude has brawled and can take 20 hits to the head that would knock out anyone else just like a drunk mexican
-dude is a know it all, and hits you if you try to disprove him

Taking police X-26 taser, prod him and hold it on for about 1 minute.
While he is incapacitated, taking a 15 amp angle grinder to his scalp, let it catch, and leave its trigger stuck on.
Kick him in the balls while he's down.
Walk away and let him save himself...I mean he's a construction worker afterall so he can handle himself even if the grinder wheel goes through bricks and steel.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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