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Anyone in the mood to talk about the story of MI 1+2?

I'm desperately looking for monkey island fans who are interested in discussing the story of Monkey Island 1 and 2. I won't ask what the secret of monkey island is don't worry, but I'd like to discuss interesting/weird aspects of the story and I hope you'll mention things you wondered about.

So I'll start with this question:

Right from the beginning you see things which do not fit in the pirate world of the 18th century, e.g. "Employess only" sign on the backdoor in the alley on melee island, the vending machine on stans used shipyard, the sign at meathooks house, breath mints, and later the whole tunnel system thing and many many more. Now one can consider all those things "jokes" and I'm sure they were partly meant as such but Ron Gilbert said about them:

"This isn't a historically accurate game. In fact, you'll see when you play that there are a lot of anachronisms, like the vending machine at Stan's used ship yard. They're there to add humor to the game of course, but they also have a secret, deeper relevance to the story."

So with all this knowledge, where do you think the game actually takes place? Is it the 18th century or is it playing today (or 1990ish when the game was released) and all the pirate stuff is some kind of show?
Please use hints from the game to support your arguments (e.g. one of the pirates during the sword fighting says when Guybrush asks him "Why do you guys talking so funny?": "Pirate Lingo! It's how everybody talked back then. Come on Guybrush, play along!" This would be a hint that everything is taking place long after the golden ages of piracy.)
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