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ya i figured that.

that is too bad about Fam, i did love what i have seen of it, and plan to watch it soon sorry about the cliffhanger.. yes as i said, the theme may be a bit radical for american viewers but for Japanese anime it is actually not that far out and i dont mind, it is actually a reasonable progression....and the series is really good. They even made a movie of it and it has been very well received as has the manga and the anime. Some of the scenes in the anime are so heart is simply amazing.

things are tough in the world of Anime in Japan currently, they are doing their best and made some excellent series this year but even the larger studios are having a tough time and making some cuts in what they might do if things were better economically. I am pretty sure they will survive but it is a tough time and some of the good series are delayed and some projects that everyone wants are on hold..even Bleach is taking a hiatus at Ep 366!

From what I have heard they intended for Fam to continue to be 26 episodes and may have already made some of it.but i don't have confirmation on that. Sounds possible from what you say about the ending.

I got confused about the episode number with the special episodes ...havent had a chance to watch much of it all and look forward to it.

My one question that keeps nagging me about the new Last Exile is....

why in the heck did they make the small ship soo small??? the one that the girls fly in is soooo tiny just kind of bugs me but i know it is a dumb thing to focus on when there is so much that is GREAT about the series, the design of so much is simply awesome.

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