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I knew about the Jump with the space Lynk and I do not mean to open threads unnecessarily but i was really frustrated at the limits of the normal just does not cut it for reaching some places. There is a data chron in the Justical area, and you have to climb some boxes well there is a box at a gap but it just far enough away from the next higher jump and at an angle that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to reach the next upper level, i tried maybe 20 times or more and never made it hence my seeking to see if there might be a force power that we might get to to be able to make Real jumps.

Same thing on another datachron in the Works area, you have to climb pipes and there is another gap that is just too far to be able to jump. Both are designed to create a maximum of frustration a normal human, i know there must be many much better gamers than i am obviously but both were a trial indeed.

I will not ask further futile questions... but if i do have some i will go that thread thanks.

the in game help is no help and the support services arent much more either. the manual could be expanded in some basic areas too.... for now, i give up on the datacrons tho i was able to at least find two after a lot of looking in just about every possible place i could find. they are not easy to see.

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