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My Nur-Ab-Sal pendant was made by a talented Indy prop-maker in California. The eyes and mouth contain a phosphorescent dye so the pendant blazes with a fiery green glow in the dark.

You can see a more detailed view of the pendant here: (cut-and-paste URL because of stupid Angelfire 'roadblock' link)

I built the horned idol myself about 8 years ago. The outer skin is real copper, but the inside is resin-filled, with a cylinder of sand in the base for a good, solid heft. The whole statue probably weighs close to five pounds. I recently acquired the stone disk set from an artisan in Italy who specializes in Indiana Jones prop replicas. He made them in a very limited run, and it cost me a small fortune, but it's the crown jewel in my FOA collection. The entire prop is fully-functional, and the disks can be dialed on the spindle exactly like in the game (except the spindle button does not press down). The base measures 15 and 1/2 inches square, and about 4 inches in height with all three stones stacked onto the spindle. Truly a work of art.

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