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(Tell me if any of this needs to be changed)

Xalek, a middle aged human walked down the corridors of the Shadow Academy searching for the office room. He never understood why people felt the need to build buildings in such confusing ways. "If I knew who planned these things I would kill every last one of them" he mumbled to himself. He paused beside a door way and looked through, a group of men were training with jagged assassin knives, they could be very deadly if the wielder knew how to use them.

He continued to walk through the corridors until he came to the room he was searching for. He opened the door and walked in, a cloaked man was sitting at a desk studying something. "Your messenger sent for me, I believe he said you had a job." The cloaked man looked up from his studies. "Ah Xalek, the great mercenary, It's truly an honor to see you in person." he said as he stood up. "Don't waste my time fool!" Xalek spit out. "I didn't come here so you could stare at me. You said you had a job, what is it?" The cloaked man smiled "you may be the best mercenary there is, but remember where your standing. It wouldn't be very smart to have a entire academy mad at you now would it?"

The cloaked man talked with a happy tone in his voice, but Xalek could see the dangerous look in his eyes. "Now the reason I've called you here is about a dark elf named Tegan. She was an assassin and was one of the best we ever had. unfortunately she decided to run away. All that was a few years ago, I've tried several times to bring her back but the assassins I sent ended up dead." The cloaked man was about to say more when he was interrupted. "I didn't come here to get a history leason about one of your pathetic assassins! If you want to hire me tell me what the job is."

A brief moment of anger swept across the cloaked mans face, but then quickly disappeared. "Yes yes of course. I need you to bring her back, shes an assassin herself and knows how to fight us, but you...She won't ever be expecting an attack from someone like you. track her down and bring her back to me, can you handle that mercenary?" The cloaked man waited for Xalek to anwser. "It's not a question about if I can handle it, It's the question if you can pay for it. Incase you didn't know...I don't do jobs for free."

The cloaked man smiled again. "Of course! You will be rewarded greatly for your services. So is it a deal?" Xalek just stood there a moment and then anwsered "I'll bring the girl back...Just make sure my moneys ready for me when I return..Or I'll kill her then you." After that, Xalek walked out.

Lets rock and role play!

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