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I have a question for anyone that knows about these things.

I unlocked my legacy with my first character..problem now is, my first character isn't worth a ****, seeing as I had no idea what I was doing with crew skills and leveling and whatnot. First character is always the learning curve, right?
(subquestion: Is'nt being lvl 40 and having you butt kicked by 37th lvl npc's a bad thing?)

My second character I know what to do with now..and have gotten him to 17th lvl. (Sith Sorceror see avatar )

So, now I'm seriously considering rerolling my first character as a Sage rather than a Shadow and making him an altogether better character.

Onto my question..If I recreate my first character and delete the original, do I then lose my legacy since it was unlocked by the first character I want to delete?
Does it even matter?
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