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Originally Posted by snommism View Post
Focus is the same as ammo, energy, or dare i say... mana? (I've not played a jedi char yet)

If so, and you are running out often, you may need to work on your "rotation." Alternate in skills that have low or no cost. I know as a vanguard tank, and on my smuggler healer, it is easy to use up this pool and not be able to use any worthwhile skills for a while, rendering you almost useless in the meantime.
With Jedi they build up force. Leap attack gives you 2 points. basic attack gets 2 points, master strike gives you 3, so in 3 attacks you can be at 7 points to spend on attacks(that's just the basic attacks all jedi knights have). But like you said, it's all about rotation. While using your other skills pop one of those off to get your focus up.

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