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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
but ended up wedged in a wall below the last pipe...
Call me when you get this stuck.
Show spoiler

My suggestion to everyone new to the game is buy at least a couple fleet passes (once you reach a certain level). Sure you have the emergency fleet pass, but a backup is always advisable. Lynk can tell you I get stuck in rocks, walls and even mountains (as seen above). Using the stuck button as snommism wrote usually works (although unless they changed the settings, it does not always put you back where you were. How do you think I got inside of the mountain?). Cover is another way I've used to get unstuck (does not always work). My next option is fast traveling (but this does not work if you are falling, use the stuck button a few times to see if you can get the toon on fake solid ground. Next is the emergency fleet pass or if that has already been used I use a regular fleet pass.

I've only used the fleet pass once when stuck, but after already doing everything else before trying I was really thankful that I had it. The mountain was not the scariest. It only took a few times hitting the stuck button to get her to quit falling and I then used fast travel. Got stuck between some rock after being punched by a rancor was the scariest. I had to use the fleet pass there. They really need a toon suicide for stuck players so you could just go to the closest medical facility.

Oh, and I blame Lynk for my problems getting stuck. Before I played with him I usually stuck to the roads. Now I cut across everything.
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