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I'm an OCD nut about getting all datacrons and codexes on world before I finish them. Datacrons can be tricky, but you get a feel for your jump ability after a few of them. Coruscant's get steadily harder, with the Works one being a nightmare, then the easy Jedi Temple one after. It helps for me to hit / on Number Pad to toggle walk to walk along the pipes for some of them so you don't accidentally fall from running. And if you have a friendly Vanguard, they can get up there and then Harpoon you up. I've done that to get people to datacrons I got to, saved some time.

I also get stuck sometimes when I explore, liking to go up mountains or go around the back of buildings for new reason. Haven't used my Emergency Fleet Pass much, but I have had to QT out of spots sometimes where I couldn't get out of the spot but the spot itself was solid ground so /stuck wouldn't work.

Just babbling, I like datacrons too. The starter world ones are pretty easy, with the NE corner pipeline Hutta one being one of the harder ones for that jump between connecting pipes.

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