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Juno agreed with both Tai and Hank, but Ming also had the right mindset.

"Yes, we do need proof of it, but right now getting to Admiral Heiner is tough, there's a lot of bureaucracy involved. We have some people working closely with High Command. So if there really is anything, we'll find it. But for now, we focus on Doctor Hyman", Juno said.

Shana smiled at Hizuni.

"I hope you can show me your new moves soon, and I also hope Kai hasn't been putting so much pressure on his sister, otherwise I'll get mad at him", she said turning to look at Kai, giving him an almost embarrased smile, she just couldn't really control her nervousness so she focused on her breathing just to calm herself.

Ilya looked around the room.

"In any case, you are all free right now, so make sure to keep your comm channels open, we may depart very soon, just once the Altaria is cleared for take off", Ilya said and went with Juno after giving Shana a gentle push forward to Kai and Hizuni's direction. Shana simply looked at both of them, Hank, Ming and Tai.

"Well Tai, since you are our newest addition to the group, how long have you been with the Federation?", Shana asked.

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