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Making a Mapnote

For those of you who don't know what a mapnote is, a mapnote is a blue dot that shows up on the map if you pass by something important (ex. area transition). In this tutorial, I shall teach you on how to make one.

First of all, you'll need your own mapnote file. Here's a download link.

Once you're ready to add mapnotes to your module, go to a location in your module where you want to place a mapnote.

Then use the "whereami" cheat to get your X,Y,Z coordinates. Write these down.

Leave the game, and go into the .GIT file of your module. Go into WaypointList, and copy one of the structs. Paste it under WaypointList. For HasMapNote and MapNoteEnabled, set the value to 1. For Tag and TemplateResRef, set them to ldr_mapnote (or to whatever you renamed the mapnote file into). Under MapNote, type in what you want the Mapnote to say. Now here's where the X,Y,Z coordinates come in. Under X, Y, and Z Positions, type in the X, Y, and Z Positions (self-explanatory). Leave everything else alone.

Save it. Then go into Kotor Tool, and when you're compiling the module file (adding the files of the characters, doors, .are, .git, etc), add in the mapnote file. Then compile it, plop it into the Modules folder, and go into the game.

Wala! You've made your first mapnote!

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