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((OOC: Now I'm referring to my 3 Purge people by their pseudonyms.))

Whilst Feredir and Daugon "converse" with Poteryannyĭ, Suiauthon had walked away. He moved towards one of the lead scouts.

"What happened to those scouts I sent?", he asked.

"I don't know sir. They haven't reported back for over a half hour.", the lead scout replied, shaking under the larger man's presence.

Angered, he walked towards two Shadows.

"You two! With me! Now.", he barked, pointing at both of them. "We're going on a little trip through the Forest.".

Suiauthon walked through the front gates, jumping on his jet-black horse. The two Shadows did the same, and their horses reared as they rode into the Forest.


Tael's horse turned right, and Tael inhaled the air - infused with the scent of the mineral-rich water. He heard the thunderous boom of lighting, as he looked up in the sky. Rain had started falling. Heavy rain.

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