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ADVICE: hoverboard mod animations dont work

hello all! its been a while since i visited these forums; i stopped playing jedi academy for a while because i went through a World of Warcraft stage, but i am back now and with a few questions.

i am using a mod that replaces the swoop model with that of a hoverboard; very cool idea, and i remember liking it a lot when i first installed it. it even contained an animation file that changed the vehicle stance to look as though you were standing sideways, as if on a skateboard.

however, recently i tried the mod and the animation doesn't work. the screen displays jaden sitting mid-air a few feet above the hoverboard, in the position used with the swoop. im running the mod with a clean base folder so i dont know what the problem could be, and im sure i didnt accidentally swap the animation file for the vanilla JA file.

so im confused. please help. thank you.

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