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Tim Schafer's Not-So-Secret Shame

I am a backer of the Double Fine Adventure, and as such I am sworn to secrecy on pain of...pain. Anyway. Be that as it may, there is something Grim Fandango related that I can share, probably not news as such, which is that Schafer apparently feels some sense of responsibility for the much-hyped "death" of adventure games. It has to do with the fact that GF was named Game of the Year by GameSpot yet sold like the Edsel. Shafer says that since then game publishers have used that as a reason to reject AG proposals, basically saying "If GF couldn't sell after being named Game of the Year, what hope does your game have?" Nice. But motivational, I guess, if you're name is Tim Schafer and publishers are using your big achievement as a cudgel to beat AGs down with. Says a lot about game publishers, doesn't it?
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