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Just to make people aware.. but the cutouts of the pvp armour doesn't really represent the way they should look. Especially if you have high resolution textures enabled for your in-game characters... which these shots don't show since they're taken from the little preview window which shows them at the lower resolution and with no anti-aliasing.

These armour pieces also come in a wide variety of alternate colours. For example, the trooper one on the top row also comes in red which looks pretty sweet. Added to that, you don't have to use the entire set of the armour if you don't like the look of it all. If you like a certain piece or none of the piece, you can swap out the mods and put them into any orange gear you may have that looks better.

I've seen some 1.2 orange gear floating around and some of them actually looks pretty cool. I'll be doing this with my PvE endgame gear. |

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