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Originally Posted by Hallucination View Post
That's stupid, MMORPG's are descended from tabletop RPG's, and the whole point of those is to win.
Well, I would say that's the secondary point. The primary point in any game is to have fun.

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
...and to be an arsehole to everyone else apparently
Maybe its the person who can't not break CC that is being an ******* to the rest of the group?
As mentioned, the game is to have fun, and being in a casual guild means I do slow down for the less hardcore gamers, but I don't think "don't damage this target." is too much to ask, and when it is done repeatedly, they are stopping the other 7 people from having fun and costing them credits in repair bills.

Of course everyone makes mistakes, and I've made more than my share (the guild likes to bring up the three mobs in a row I right clicked instead of left clicking to mark targets (this causes my pistol to fire, pulling the mob))
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