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To everyone else: If you break someone's crowd control, that's okay, it's just a game and if they're getting bitchy about them it's just that they're way too serious about the game for their own good. Don't worry about it, ignore their yelling and bitching, all you need to do is learn from the experience and think back on how you broke the CC. Once you figure stuff out then it's all good, don't be pressured into being the absolute best RIGHT NOW! just cause some asshat who has been playing it longer than you expects you to know EVERYTHING and be PERFECT just like him.

To the folks who get bitchy about stuff like this: Chill, for the most part folks are just trying to help and they don't realise what they're doing wrong to break the CC. It happens and once they figure it out then they'll be fine.

Another thing to realise is that part of playing in groups isn't just about learning how the game mechanics work, but figuring out how other players play and finding a way to work together, sometimes that team cohesion doesn't come very easily, sometimes it's very natural and things go smoothly... and if it does take some work, eventually with patience for those who do make mistakes, they'll figure **** out and it'll be all good.

I mean, TOR is my first MMO, in the beginning I was pretty rusty and didn't know much about how any of this stuff worked and folks around me had that attitude where they believed I should know everything there is to know about the game as soon as I start playing it. But despite that, I learned much about the game myself and now I'm pretty damn good at what I do. It took a lot of work and folks had to be patient with me (sometimes they weren't) but I got there.

Now that I am here though, when I see other folks who make the same mistakes, I don't get bitchy at them, I encourage them to figure out what they may be doing wrong or give them tips and generally just assure them that it's fine if we wipe, we can persevere and get this if we continue to try.

And there have been times where during hard mode flashpoints and ops I've played with folks who weren't up to scratch, the repair bill went through the roof and we were there for hours, but I enjoyed every second of it cause the folks who were having trouble finally got their game on and were doing great by the end and that's what I really like to see. |

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