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Random Crashes (although, they seem triggered by locations)


I am running KOTOR 1 (regular version, not the Best of) and I am experiencing random crashes that seem to be triggered by specific events in the game. Generally, I've been able to avoid or work around these freezes, but I seem to be stuck on the current one.

I am on Manaan about to get the Star Map, but if I poison the giant shark the game freezes and fails. If I overload the machinery the game will freeze and fail when I either walk to the Star Map or I try and walk back to the nearest airlock (without trying to go to the Star Map). It freezes every time I try to do either thing. The other random freezes I've experienced would also always occur, but I could skip past a line of dialogue or walk in a different area/route in order to avoid them. This time though, I seem trapped.

I have made the changes suggested in the very first page of this long thread, except for the core affinity (which I can't seem to find a way to do) and anything related to the .ini files as I can't find them either.

I run Windows 7 and have a nVidia graphics card. What should I do? Aside from these random freezes/crashes the game runs fine, but I'm currently stuck.
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