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Not very glamorous, but fair. No matter what they did or gave, people would've bitched about it till the cows started producing chocolate and strawberry flavoured milk.

Also, the public testing was useful considering quite a few of the strange bugs that were in PTS didn't make it to the final build. Of course somewhere someone did drop the ball on this patch but they're working to fix it.

If I'm sounding a little defensive about this it's only because you get sick of seeing whiney little *******s whine about every ****ing thing that every could possibly go wrong on the official forum and still whine about it even if it's right or awesome.

No constructive comments anywhere, just "waaaah, waaaaah"... holy ****, i mean, sure you paid for the game, but constructive comments are more helpful and can lead to better support than "waaaah, waaaaah". |

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