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-First off, and I know that probably no one else gives a rats about this but me but, the green saber blade looked horrible before, like a green core with a yellow glow - it looked like crap, but now it looks much much better. now it's proper green.

-Being able to click on mission items without opening inventory is nice.

-Upgradeable techblades and I can get Qyzen an upgradeable techblade and stop wasting mission rewards upgradeing to a better blade for him.

-I can now send loot and gear to my Sorceror and vice versa......awesome.

-the whole reason I'm 32nd and still running around the desert has been addressed. Even though I did make it to almost I can go ahead and get speeder training and not feel raped afterwards.

-The customizable UI is nice..though I kept it the same, just scaled down a little bit.

-Treasure Hunting will now sometimes drop orange schematics for crystals I think...*phew*, I was beginning to think hunting treasure might be completely worthless.
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