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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
I'll have to remember that. Paying a subscription fee gets me the right to act like a 4 year old.
I'm not assuming I know all about you or anyone, But You've said it yourself, you haven't played MMO's before and you weren't initially going to play this game anyway right? Everything you see or discover is new and exciting its all a Bonus to you, and thats ****ing awesome, I wish I was in the same boat.

But to put it another way, its like you were strolling down the street and you look down and find a $100 on the floor, you had no money before, you didn't need it, but its a nice amount, and you can go buy yourself something, your happy.

Whereas me and a lot of people, its like I had my wallet stolen, somebody gives it me back and its in good condition, the leathers still shiny and clean, but theres $100 missing out of it.

(For the record my problems with this game are content and design related, not trivial subscription and patch concerns, and MMO forums are ALWAYS like this, and they have been for nearly 15 years Lynk... Its a cesspool of trolls and bitching))

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