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Firstly, DP... before you start criticizing me about being an admin for this forum, you better stop and remember that I'm one of the folks here who has given members a hell of a lot of freedoms over the years. Oh wait, of course you don't know this, you really don't know much about my history here on LF and what I'm actually like as a person and what the membership here actually means to me. I've fought other members of staff for you guys and I've even once quit being staff of this place for a whole year because I hated the way some members were being treated before I realised the error I had made. Run a sanitized forum? If it really were that sanitized, do you think either of you or myself would be posting any of these posts as they were? I'll let you mull that over and you can PM or VM me your reply.

As for the topic at hand.

See, now you two are just assuming that everyone who pays money for everything can't actually become unreasonable. The saying "the customer is always right" goes right out the window if the customer seems to lack all common sense and decency. I know, I've worked at places in my time when customers have called in demanding the craziest things and if they don't get what they want they get highly unreasonable, one even threatening suicide if we didn't comply... I kid you not.

Well most of the people there seem fine, and their criticisms of the game make complete sense. These are the people who want their money to be spent on something reliable and don't want to be screwed over by the dodgy salesman. These were the people who were worried that TOR would be packaged with Origin, these were the same people who expressed their concerns about the fairness of having only lv50 players being rewarded with 30 days free.

However, I'm really amazed by the crazies in there who get absolutely nuts about every single aspect of the game, who complain constantly about every tiny detail. You';re right adamq, this is my first MMO so maybe I'm not used to the amount of craziness that ends up being posted in the official forums of an MMO, but some of the things I've seen seem downright disrespectful even to me... and that's a pretty damn rare thing for me to think about anyone.

Unfortunately, I've also learned that as a staff member here and as a general player of TOR, I can't really avoid the official forums. There are a lot of resources there among the crazy both for the general public and for fan-site staff that are useful.

I dunno, this really is just my opinion, and as has been said, people have a right to their opinion... even if it's a negative one... funny how it makes you feel a certain way and makes you want to challenge the opinion once it's a negative one doesn't it Just depends who it's focused at, I guess. |

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