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So moving back to the topic at hand, I popped in for a brief look or two over the weekend. I could be wrong, but it seems like most of the Legacy stuff I recall them talking about for 1.2 is now coming in 1.3. Leaving that aside, I have to say I'm not overly impressed that most of the stuff is just another money sink. I had thought the idea was to give bonuses to alts as a reward for hitting 50 and help reduce some of the grind, but it seems like you'll have to drop hundreds of thousands or even millions to unlock some of it.

Edit: The Jugg, Sorc, and Sniper all had their trees reset as well. A brief skim of the patch notes seems to suggest it was mostly just putting certain talents higher up to stop hybrid builds. Seems a great way to encourage diversity. I gather there was also some nerfing going on. When I left it was Operatives/Scoundrels. Who's copping it this time?

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