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I finally made it past the Captain on that depressing gray planet and on to Taris, what an amazing job they did on that..just fantastic. Love the ruined Megalopolis setting. I am at level 20 and working thru quests. Nice to see Guild Members over there doing whatever you all are doing at such nice high Levels I will be there when i can... i have a couple of questions in case anyone has answers..

How do we find out our fuel level in our ship and hoe to we earn or get Fuel points? i dont want to run out of gas but was not sure how we actually GET fuel in the first place.

Also, is there a equipment upgrade process we can use on our ship> i see the crafting table..and need to know how to get crafting we have to buy it at the vendors? I tried to buy more Treasure Hunting experience but the teacher just has a note saying he can not teach me any more..... i guess we have to get points first and then he can teach us more?

thanks for help on this when and if anyone has time.

I snagged a couple of Flash quests as they were on offer and i wanted to at least have them on file. they look interesting and like another way to learn more of the story.

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