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Cool Guy Patience is stronger than force

.. having no patience I used force.

Here is what I got so far if anyone else should be interested.

Suggestions are more than welcome as I'm struggling to understand the whole data format.

Update 2012/05/05 (Download)
New version available. I have changed the way of working with a completely new user interface, added a few more export options. I have also added HEX, shader and single texture viewers and a quick start dialog for convenience. This new version no longer reads extracted files, but reads directly from the large .pak file within the game, so no more 3rd party applications are required.

Update 2012/04/21
Fixed a bug and started implementing support for room files. New build is available on SF.

Update 2012/04/18
Well it's been fun. I have gotten most of the costume file format parsed. There is only some bits and pieces left. The application is now working good enough for my own purposes so I am going to leave it as it is for now.
If anyone have some requests for further improvement just say so and I'll see if I might be able to help you out.

The latest build (2012.04.18.0) is available at SourceForge for download.

Update 2012/04/17 #3
Now with custom XSLT transformation option of the XML export and recent file lists.

Update 2012/04/17 #2
Added GUI for easy use and XML export

Update 2012/04/17
Successfully read enough of the binary data to extract animations

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