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Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
I finally made it past the Captain on that depressing gray planet and on to Taris, what an amazing job they did on that..just fantastic. Love the ruined Megalopolis setting. I am at level 20 and working thru quests.
If you've played KOTOR, its makes Taris a bit more awesome.

Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
Also, is there a equipment upgrade process we can use on our ship> i see the crafting table..and need to know how to get crafting we have to buy it at the vendors? I tried to buy more Treasure Hunting experience but the teacher just has a note saying he can not teach me any more..... i guess we have to get points first and then he can teach us more?
There are 3 types of "Crew Skills":
Crafting: The actual combining of items to make an item.
Mission: Send your companion out on a mission, they return with crafting materials.
Gathering: While you are running around the planets you can gather from nodes that correspond to the gathering type you chose. Gathering also has Missions that you can send your companion on.

Crew skills level automatically as you use them. Mission and Gathering skills will get new missions as you level them, 6 different tiers, missions added automatically. Gathering skills will allow you to access higher level nodes (so you should level these as you level). Crafting skills level as you use them but you have to learn new recipes. You buy this from your trainer, and some can be obtained from using schematics.

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
But you don't really need to worry about that right away, that's best left till you reach lv50 since working on your crafting early can burn through your credits pretty quickly. Best to save your credits for other things like buying your speeder license and speeder at lv25, lv40 and lv50.
In my opinion, crafting is fairly worthless after 50, except crafting for alts who are not yet 50. This is supposed to change with the new tier that you can remove the set bonuses on. and put into [crit] crafted orange gear.

If you are going to wait till 50 to craft, I would suggest picking up 3 gathering skills.

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Finally be careful of how many missions you have listed. The cap is 25 so if you reach it you'll have to end up abandoning flashpoint missions.
When you start getting the "you need to complete some missions before starting this mission" (not the exact wording) you have to make room. I think they need to increase the cap, but it might be ok now that you can drop some of the other quests.
Personally when I am done with a planet, I make sure to drop any uncompleted missions from that planet.
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