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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Scoundrel healers got a boost,
Yes they did. To the point where Lynk and Mav were able to pull off a HMFP without a forth with me as their healer. Something that I know would not have been possible before 1.2. I didn't do anything different, but was way better at managing my energy since the patch. Never ran out of that, when we died, it was either because I was still too soft or because at least two of Lynk, Mav or me were taking heavy damage at the same time. Scoundrel still don't have the huge burst of heals that Sage's had and we still have to manage our energy too.

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Sage healers got nerfed...
they are in the same boat with us now. I feel bad that they got nerfed, but either they had to be nerfed or Sawbones needed close to the same ability. I always felt like I let the group down, because I couldn't heal as much or as fast as a Sage. To the point that I was thinking of giving up my sawbones and make a run as a sage.

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