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Yes i have played, modded and help restore content to both KoTOR I and II, and for that reason esp love Taris, not sure why you hate it..i find the planet and the huge city very interesting and visually stunning. ...and the lore and history that comes out as you play thru in TOR is great, very interesting too.

some pics from the KoTOR series:

and some concept art of one of the great planet wide cities..

thanks for all the great help, re crafting and the fuel thingy, that makes sense was so simple i did not think of it ...ok, i have a good stash of cash and keep it growing as i can... and thanks re the mission limit, i have dropped missions i could not complete, but i have done all the missions for the planets i have visited so far, i just go back to the bosses, i cant beat or ask for help, ....will keep at it.

I noticed after the new patch it is impossible to change items on my hot key bar, not sure if it is because i dont know what i am doing but i cant move or replace any of the skills or things like the med packs, i was going to try to organize things better but they just wont move ...for now, i will just work around it but wondered about it a bit.

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