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Well before 1.2 Sage's had unlimited Force, if they half way knew what they were doing, so I know it will difficult for the to manage it now. Sawbones, 1.2 made it easier, because they made it easier for use. We are already use to managing our Energy, what they did was make the cooldowns shorter and Diagostic Scan and Kolto Cloud more useful (IMO actually useful at all). Again not saying Energy is unlimited, but compared to what I had to work with before 1.2 it is night and day. I even used Flyby on that last boss without fear of running out of Energy and I knew I was going to die. My only thoughts there was to make sure Mav had as much health as possible (which he was full at the time) and do as much damage as possible to the Boss so Mav had to last less time before the boss was dead. If they would have cut down the cooldown to my shields, I would give my first born to BioWare, as it is I am very happy with 1.2 so far.

Happy for my Sawbones...Like I said before, I'm really feel bad for Kus and the other Sages, but unlimited healing ability was unfair to other healers and in PvP.

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