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ah i wondered what those ship vendors were for, i saw a few but havnt done any space combat yet.... when you say health, can you be "killed" in space combat and does your ship get healed in the same way? that is interesting if so.

I am a bit nervous about the cost of speeders, i would like one but i understand they are very spendy and i have no idea how i will get the funds for one ..i save as much as i can and spend carefully but i am at Level 20 now and have only about 16,000 credits saved up so far. I dont want to turn Dark just to get money but i am not sure how i will gain enough for a speeder by level 25

also as i recall we are supposed to get s customized speeder with the Collectors Edition? i dont see it in my inventory but i hope it becomes available.

I also recall we are supposed to have access to a special Lounge on the Fleet Level, i havent seen that yet, is it someting we have to do a quest for?

and one more thing, what is the medal for Aldeman New Holo pics for? is that if we take a picture of a news broadcast? i did see one yesterday for the first time, it was a news flash about a Rathgoul Outbreak on..hmmm, what planet was it? darn, i forget at the moment... I do have the holocamera that comes with the collectors edition but have not used it yet and was not sure how it works yet either.

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